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do you want to become the protagonist of your sailing trips?

do you have a nautical license , do you want to rent a boat and sail freely but when you return to the port you feel anxious?

are you curious to learn the seafaring art of a real popeye?


here you will find the information that is right for you.


The Sailing Iseo Lake team organizes sailing courses for both beginners and experts for you.







baptism of sailing:


two sessions of 4 hours each to get to know the world of sailing and navigation. An immediate approach within everyone's reach to touch the parts of the boat firsthand and experience sailing first-hand. Little theory, a lot of practice!

price per person: € 100.00 min. 4 - max. 8 people






sailing course I:


four sessions of 4 hours each divided between theory and practice that will lead you to know the principles of managing a sailboat and the fundamental maneuvers to enable it.

price per person : € 330.00 min. 3 - max. 5 people







sailing course II:


four 4-hour sessions each divided between theory and practice to learn how to manage the bow sails, make the most of the adjustments available to us, prepare to face unfavorable weather conditions.

price per person : € 330.00 min. 3 - max. 5 people








mooring course:


a 7-hour session - during the morning the theory of mooring is tackled in the classroom and the afternoon is dedicated to practicing on the boat.

total price per session: € 390.00 max. 4 people cost:



- mooring and unmooring techniques

- correct use of cables, ropes and mooring nodes

- take advantage of the evolutionary motion of the propeller and rudder blade flow

-how to behave in the presence of wind by exploiting it in your favor

- adaptation to the unexpected problem

- solo mooring, tricks and tricks to moor alone safely







knot course:


a 2-hour session, aimed at groups of enthusiasts, schools, clubs. You will learn about the main knots used in boating and their applications, the characteristics of the lines and the necessary work tools.

total price per session: € 80.00 for up to 20 people







for any information or clarification, contact us at +39 349.5514500 or by email:


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