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Nessa 1975

Nessa, in Venetian dialect "the little female niece", was born in Venice in 1975 in the shipyard of Memo di Cavallino di Jesolo. Small to be equipped with two masts, but big in terms of performance and comfort. Our mini sailing ship, the only one of its kind on Lake Iseo, is a  ketch  classic wooden boat that sails under sail or motor and can accommodate up to 8 people.  Equipped with a central cockpit, a sunbathing area in the bow, a sitting area with kitchen, an aft master cabin with bathroom, an external hand shower, minibar and  safety.

Sail and explore the lake and its islands on Nessa, a historic, fast, intriguing sailboat.
We have more than 100,000 nautical miles of experience underway, at sea and in the lake to ensure that this exciting new experience of yours is also totally safe.

pure emotions

on Iseo LAKE

Experience the experience of visiting, from an exclusive point of view, the islands in the middle of the lake, the ravines and water sources in the wild north area, up to the Torbiere natural park.

Our skipper is available to make your ideal day: from diving in the lake, to stopping on the ground for a walk, involving you in driving the boat and discovering tricks and navigation techniques.
... what remains deep is not material things, but experiences ...

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